Top 5 Best Keywords Research Tools For SEO In 2022

So friends, how are all of you guys, in today’s blog we are going to talk about the top 5 best keyword research tools that help you rank your blog and website, so if you are looking for the best keyword research tool. And if you do not understand, then you can get information by reading this blog completely.

What is Keywords Research Tools?

1. SEMrush

First of all talking about keyword research tool, that is SEMrush is one of the best keyword research tool which provides very good service, if you want to rank your article on Google then you must take its help.

On SEMrush, you can find keywords according to your article, after that you can put it in your article, if you write an article by doing keyword research, there is a lot of chance and if you want to know the CPC of any keyboard i.e. on that keyword If you write articles, then how much money you can get through Adsense or any other network, then you can know that too with the help of bean juice.

Now let’s talk about how you can use SEMrush, then it will cost you a bit, but we will suggest you that if you are a beginner then you can also use SEMrush for free when you visit the website of SEMrush. You can recharge some keywords for free.

But yes if you are a Pro Blogger or you are already earning very good money then you can also take premium version of SEMrush.

2. Ahrefs

Let’s talk about the next best keyword research tool, that is friends Ahrefs and Ahrefs is also a best online keyword research tool like Semarus, with the help of which you can do best keyword research for your website.

So friends tell you, but you can check some keywords for free, but if you want to use Ahrefs at an advanced level, then you will also have to take the premium version, let us tell you again that the premium version will cost you a lot if you are a beginner. If so, then you can use Ahrefs for free.

3. Long Tail Pro

Now it comes to friends, the next keyword research tool is that friends, Long Tail Pro Planner or it is also a best keyword research tool, with the help of which you can do your website by doing the best keyword research for your website, these friends will help you. You will also have to take it for not getting it for free.

4. . Google Keyword Planner

Now let’s talk about the next keyword research tool, friends. Google Keyword Planner friends, you can also use this for free, you just have to search Google Keyword Planner on Google and sign up, after that you can search any keyword and see how much traffic there is on it. will be the best for you.

5. Ubersuggest

From now on let’s talk about the last and best keyword research tool, then they come. You can do your keyword research on Ubersuggest and this too. You can use this website to rank your website, even here you will get limited free service to use, if you want to go to the advanced level then you will also have to take premium version of it, then miss it all. If you liked the information, please share it further.


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